Field work

Already 135 homeless people rehoused!

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As our name suggests, Street Nurses takes to the streets to meet patients directly in their environment, without asking for payment. We take care of them, earning their trust, and we motivate them to take charge of their personal care and health by accompanying them to specific care facilities, by actively listening to their needs and giving them advices.

These actions take place, for the moment, mainly in Brussels.

Our work is also based on prevention and the dissemination of health information. We are medical and social intermediaries between, on the one hand, persons who live in an extremely precarious situation and on the other, healthcare professionals and social workers.

The follow-up of patients ends with the integration of the patient in accommodation where he or she is regularly supported by professionals and volunteers of Street Nurses NPO, and a network of social associations. This approach helps avoid that patients return to their old ways and end up living on the streets once again.