Exchange your bed for a sleeping bag for one night and help us fight homelessness!!

The Brussels Sleep Out @Home challenges you to spend one long night outside to raise awareness about homelessness in Brussels.

Sign up and experience on the evening of 17 December a special night (or evening, depending on your ability) together.

Be creative and share your videos, photos and comments.
Show us your improvised camp, give us your impressions, how you stay busy, how you keep warm ...

Because that night, there will be warmth in everyone's heart for the homeless people.

We challenge you to sleep 'outside' at home, but that is also possible :

  • in your garden
  • on your balcony or terrace
  • on a playground (at your child's school)
  • in your sports club
  • in a company car park
  • in a youth centre (scout, ...)

The most important thing is that you participate and take a moment to empathise with the idea of a city without homeless people


starting at 19:00


At home, on the balcony, in the garden, in the scouts' living room...


And if you feel like it, you can support us with a small donation

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* The organisers of the Brussels Sleep Out are not responsible for any accidents that may occur during or in connection with the event.

Yes, I want to participate in the Brussels Sleep Out

The who, what, how of the Brussels Sleep Out @home (BSO@Home)

Street Nurses challenges you to spend a long winter night outside or in a different way than you are used to. Either you stay outside, e.g. in your garden, on your terrace, on the playground of a school, on the parking lot of your company ..., or you sleep on the ground next to your bed, under the table in your dining room, in the offices of your work ...

The period around 21 December is the darkest time of the year; the nights are the longest and the temperature is generally not very pleasant. It is therefore a real challenge to spend a night out in these circumstances, certainly if you have no real activity to pass the time.
We opted to launch our challenge for the 17th of December, as it is a Friday, in the hope of getting maximum participation from citizens.

The main objective is to make as many Brussels citizens as possible aware of the problem of homelessness, a problem that is increasing every year.
Homelessness, and homeless people, are surrounded by a lot of clichés - they chose to be on the street, they don't want to get out, they are violent ... - which makes it normal that there are people who have to survive on the street. This is unacceptable for Street Nurses!

The aim of the Brussels Sleep Out is therefore to take advantage of these long dark hours, to reflect on the situation of homeless people, to learn more, to try to understand this problem and to become aware that it is far from normal to be homeless. And yes, it is possible to end homelessness!

Besides raising awareness, the other objective of the action is to raise money to finance the activities of Street Nurses. On the one hand, we accompany very vulnerable homeless people to get them off the streets permanently, and on the other hand, we mobilise public opinion and politicians to put in place structural solutions to end homelessness.

Generally speaking, our society accepts that there are people who have to survive on the streets. Yet 40 years ago, homelessness in Brussels was on a completely different scale, if not non-existent. With Street Nurses, we are strongly convinced that it is possible to return to this situation, and that it is therefore possible to put an end to homelessness.

It all starts with believing in it. That's why we are launching the Brussels Sleep Out, to reach as many citizens as possible with our message and to get the word out. In this way, we spread the small grains of our conviction more widely. The more people who are convinced with us, the sooner society, and the politicians who are responsible for it, will take the necessary structural measures in terms of prevention, support, housing and hospitality, to make this unacceptable phenomenon disappear.

In addition, the financial means collected by this action will help to finance our actions by which we will concretely get homeless people out of their situation.


Once you have registered, you will receive information on how to promote your participation in this action.

Regularly, we will send you short messages with figures and concrete stories that illustrate the problem of homelessness and that can help you talk about it with your family members, friends, colleagues, ...

During the event itself, you can connect to the Facebook Live that will be organized by Street Nurses. During this Live, we will broadcast testimonies, launch small challenges, give the floor to personalities, ask questions ... that will help you in your reflections and your awareness.

Quite simply, by filling in this form : REGISTERING


In fact, you choose yourself how far you will go.

Either you really stay outside, e.g. in your garden, on your terrace, on the playground of a school, in the car park of your company ..., or you lie down on the floor next to your bed, under the table in your dining room, in the offices of your work ...

The important thing is that you use this night to talk and get people to talk about the problem of homelessness and the possibility of ending it.

Financial support for our work is important, which is why we have included a fundraising campaign in this action.
No doubt you have many friends, relatives, colleagues, acquaintances ...who are also touched by the situation of homeless people and would like to do something about it. But they might not have the opportunity to participate in the Brussels Sleep Out. Giving them the opportunity to sponsor you for your action, is then the ideal way for them to get involved as well.
Moreover, your request for sponsorship also gives you the chance to explain why the issue of homelessness is important to you and to talk about it with them.

Launch your sponsoring campaign

But, this is not a condition for participating in the Brussels Sleep Out at all :-) .

The BSO@Home will take place at your home, indoors or outdoors. There is no gathering planned by the organizers. However, it will be possible for you to gather with friends, colleagues, etc. according to your wishes and possibilities within the framework of the sanitary measures in force and to define gathering places if you wish.

The BSO@Home will take place on 17 December 2021 from 7pm until 6am on 18 December.

The evening/night will take place as follows:

  • 7pm - Midnight: entertainment provided by the organisers
  • Midnight - 6am: presence of a radio studio to collect and relay the testimonies of people spending the night awake at home.
  • 6am: Wake Up Call

The event is open to people aged 18 and over.

Unless there is an extreme weather event, the event will take place. However, the organizers will monitor and assess the weather and will only cancel if it is deemed unsafe to continue.

The organizers accept no responsibility for hypothermia or discomfort during the event. Here are some tips to help you get through the night in the cold.

  • Keep moving
  • Protect your head and extremities
  • Put on several layers of dry clothing
  • Energy: eat and drink small amounts regularly
  • Isolate yourself from 'cold solids', e.g. with some cardboard
  • Avoid alcohol which makes you cold

You don't have to stay outside, if you feel unwell, too cold ... don't hesitate to come in, your moral intention is as important as succeeding in the challenge ...


The BSO organizers discourage the consumption of alcohol during this event for various reasons:

  • Alcohol makes you cold and dehydrated
  • Over-consumption of alcohol is dangerous for health and safety.

You can do so via this link:  My donation

Thank you!

Your donation will help Street Nurses to fund its outreach and awareness-raising activities to end homelessness.

To find out more about the activities of Street Nurses: click www.streetnurses.be

Street Nurses declines all responsibility for the way in which the participants of the BSO@Home implement the sanitary rules in force. It is the responsibility of each participant to be aware of the rules that are currently in force and to respect them.

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