Although fieldwork is key to us being able to help homeless people reintegrate into society in a concrete and durable manner, we aim to work on a far wider scale with the aim of sharing our message which is “together, let’s put an end to homelessness!”.

It is clear to us that these days, it is essential to collaborate to convince and put pressure on political decision-makers. Their decisions and actions significantly influence the living conditions of homeless people.

As such, we are increasing our opportunities to engage with politicians at every level, through (in)formal meetings, petitions, joint letters, round-tables, etc.

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We also wish to further develop our activities to raise public awareness.

A lasting solution to the problem of homelessness undeniably requires a change in mind-set.

This change needs to take root at the basic level of society; awareness raising happens mostly through the running of events in which the public is involved.

To achieve these advocacy and awareness-raising objectives we have, amongst other things, joined the 400Toits campaign. This campaign, begun in 2017, aims to find 400 housing units before the end of 2020.

As part of this campaign, and in collaboration with other organisations, meetings have been organised with representatives of the different Brussels municipalities. This aims to establish the current state-of-affairs and to reflect, with them, on concrete solutions to be put in place, in line with the situation on the streets in each of these communes.

400Toits regularly organises « face-to-face for housing » events. These aim to collect detailed information on homeless people to identify the most appropriate housing for them. Whilst this initiative has a clear knowledge-gathering purpose, it is also useful as an aware-raising tool: these events take place for three evenings running, when almost 300 volunteers and professionals in the field get together and head out to meet the homeless population of Brussels.

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