By donating, you contribute towards helping a homeless person who has been living in the streets for a long time.

This is a long and complicated process because these are extremely vulnerable members of the population, with a variety of social and health problems.

On the way, there are a number of meetings with our teams in order to build up trust, work on their hygiene and health issues and motivate them to find housing. At the same time, we work with the patient, taking the necessary medical and administrative steps. This helps them establish any rights to access housing, and aims to ensure that they will have sufficient means for this to be sustainable.

Helping someone off the streets takes, on average, 18 months.

No matter the amount, your contribution truly matters.

Just to give you an idea:

One-off gift

  • 7€ you provide a box of disinfectant wipes
  • 40€ you provide the equipment needed for a week
  • 250€ you provide for the walkabout of a team of two people - and meetings with 4-6 homeless people

Make a donation online

You can donate via a bank transfer to Street nurses’ account:
IBAN: BE91 0014 6955 7676 – BIC : GEBABEBB.

Write your e-mail in the « communication » field if you wish to receive the declaration for your taxes by electronic means.

Monthly donation for a one-year period

  • 11,5€ you provide meals and drinks for 5 patients
  • 23,5€ you provide the professional equipment (backpack, clothing) of a worker in the field
  • 67€ you provide the moving-in costs for a patient

Make a monthly donation

Opt for direct debit by filling in this form and returning it to us by post or via an e-mail to

Download the direct debit application here.


If the total amount of your donations is in excess of €40 per year, you will receive a tax declaration, which will allow you to deduct this amount from your taxes.

In this way, a donation of €40 only costs you €22 (reduction of 45%).

If you have questions about the reduction in taxes for donations, please consult this page:


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Our checked and detailed accounts are published on DONORINFO. This foundation informs the public in an impartial and transparent manner on the activities and financial means of Belgian philanthropic organisations, which come to the help of people in need.

The members of our Board of Directors are neither paid nor acting as members of political organisations.


Street nurses is also a member of the Association for Ethics in the Collection of Funds (AERF), which offers ethical guarantees when it comes to collecting donations and the transparency of accounts.

Learn more about our transparency policy.