We create prevention and information tools to make homeless people aware of the importance of their hygiene and health, but also to improve their access to care and facilitate their reintegration in the medium/long term.

In addition, some tools are designed to raise awareness among the general public about the situation of homelessness.

Most of our tools can be downloaded for free!

Our tools :

For a homeless person, access to drinking water and free toilets is not always obvious. This is why we have created a map of the free drinking water fountains and public toilets in Brussels. That way, homeless people will be able to identify the facilities that enable them to take care of their hygiene and health, despite their difficult living conditions.

Download the map of the drinking water fountains & free toilets of Brussels, here.

Or order it here.

In order to raise public awareness of the dangers of the cold season, but also to disseminate good practices to our patients, we have developed a tool: the "cold poster".

The drawings on the poster provide various easy tips, which allow to adopt the right reflexes and thus reduce the risk of hypothermia.

A pocket-size version of the poster can also be used to start discussions with patients on the field.

Download the Cold poster here

Or order it here.

Although we imagine that winter is often more dangerous for the homeless public, living on the streets involves risks regardless of the season, and therefore even in the summer!

In order to make the general public aware of the dangers of high temperatures, but also to disseminate good practices to our patients, we have developed a tool: the Heat Wave poster.

This poster includes various tips in the form of drawings that are easy to understand, which explain how to stay well hydrated in case of high heat.

A pocket-size version is also available for discussion with patients on the field.


Download your Heat wave poster here.

Or order it here.

We have developed the Ganymede tool to help professionals to better assess the alcohol consumption of their patients. It is intended to be visual, simple to use and efficient in the transmission of information.

Through a series of illustrations, it also allows patients to assess their alcohol consumption and to better regulate it by presenting a standard as a reference point. The tool lists various drinks with varying degrees of alcohol and their equivalent in glasses of wine, gives advice on the quantities not to exceed per day and per week, and indicates the right reflexes to adopt for reasonable consumption.


Download the Ganymede tool here.

Or order it here.

The BCB (Body, Clothing, Behavior) tool is an insertion scale intended for front-line workers to help them assess, from a distance, the vulnerability of the public they care for, based on their body and clothing hygiene and their behavior. We have developed this tool thanks to our field experiences.

The score (from 0 to 3) can be established without direct contact with the person and allows an easier transmission of information. Ultimately, the accumulation of the scores makes it possible to better follow the evolution of the patient's situation and to target the aspects that require the most attention in order to allow the patient's reintegration into housing.

Download the BCB tool

The Hestia tool aims to prevent the risks of eviction and death in housing. This tool is divided into two evaluation scales that take into account a series of elements related, among others, from neighborhood relations, housing hygiene, to relations with the landlord. It also makes it possible to analyze safety, health and consumption in housing.

This scale can be re-evaluated in a similar way at each meeting with the patient thanks to the objective side of the criteria. The result does not depend on the feelings of the person carrying out the evaluation. It does offer the possibility to follow the patient's evolution and the way he or she adapts to his or her housing, and to anticipate a deterioration of the situation before it is too late. All of this is done in order to guarantee a sustainable and healthy stay in the home.

Download the HESTIA tool here.

Or order it here.

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