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“From Dream to Reality:
Ending Homelessness in Belgium”

I am not this body,
I hate it.

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Together, let's end homelessness !

At Street nurses, as a medico-social organization, we are convinced that the end of homelessness in Brussels, Liège and elsewhere is possible.

Since 2005 in Brussels, and 2019 in Liège, we have been contributing to this by providing sustainable housing for the most vulnerable homeless people in terms of health.

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[Together,] let's end homelessness ! [Together,] let's end homelessness !

Street Nurses, it's...

170 rehoused people
208 followed people in 2021
16569 patient procedures in 2021

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From the street to a home of her own: dreams are allowed

Mrs. T is seated on the steps of a Brussels tube station. As usual, she wears a headscarf and a flowered dress. When we invite her, she accepts our invitation, sometimes with a broad smile on her smooth and tired face, to get out of her daily routine for a moment, far from the traffic noise and the passers-by who brush past her mercilessly.

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I am not this body, I hate it.

This is the story of a man, accompanied by the “My Way” team of Street Nurses. It is a moving, even shocking, story. But thankfully, it ends on a positive note. 

If I were to speak to myself as a child, I would say: “Good luck!” My strongest wish? That most people suffering from muscular rheumatism (polymyalgia rheumatica) could work as they want.

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A brilliant idea

My first meeting with you, Mr. G., was such that I simply had to write about it. There we were, comfortably seated around a table to discuss your wishes, your plans.

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