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Street Nurses' handbook "Sortir de la rue"

A handbook to help end homelessness

Thanks to this book, social workers, medical and paramedical staff, street mediators, youth workers, law enforcement officers... will be equipped to deal with homelessness and the people who face it.

Emilie Meessen, founder and co-manager of the non-profit Street Nurses, co-author of the handbook: “This book is aimed at professionals who are confronted with a homeless public, but also at anyone who is interested, concerned, questioning and wants to take action.”

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Everything you need to know about Street Nurses’ methodology

After years of work in the field, our team, with the help of journalist Aurore d'Haeyer, has put together the tools and knowledge needed to accompany a homeless person, whether in an emergency or on a long-term basis.

The manual is very practical and aims to answer the following questions:

  • How to deal with homeless people?
  • How to take into account the specific difficulties of the street?
  • How to support them on an ad hoc basis and help them to find new accommodation in the long term?
  • How can we deal with this group of people with such specific expectations and backgrounds?

The different chapters go through self-awareness through basic hygiene, but also re-housing and the ability to re-project oneself as an integrated individual in society.

Our method has already proven itself

Since 2006, Street Nurses has already helped more than 200 people getting off the streets in Brussels and Liège. In the meantime, our actions have diversified and we have gained even more experience.

“We now have more expertise in rehousing and stabilising people in their homes. We have made great strides in their reintegration, focusing on their resources and talents to motivate them to develop new projects,” explains Pierre Ryckmans, medical coordinator of Street Nurses and one of the authors of the handbook.

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