Why modules?

The project tries in the first place to do something about the shortage of affordable homes for vulnerable people. To help solve this problem, the non-profit organization Street Nurses set up the “home modules” project. They have the advantage over classical homes that they can be constructed rapidly. They are prefabricated in only a few weeks’ time, they’re movable and can be located on lots that remain vacant for at least 24 months.

Module Inside

What is a modular home?

These modules are of good quality and eco-friendly. They are wooden constructions and are in accordance with the rules of Brussels urban planning. They are prefabricated in workplaces and can be easily transported to their destination. The tenants can choose whether or not to move with the modules while they continue to be assisted by Street Nurses or another organization.

This project gave a new home and assistance to a group of vulnerable people who find it difficult to return to active life. It also resulted in a review of the urban planning rules. At the beginning of the campaign, it was not possible to get a planning permit for constructions like these. Now we can. As a result, “abandoned” or unused urban areas come back to life.

These modules are one of the solutions for ending homelessness. But even if they are more affordable than classical housing, we need your help. The price of a module is actualy (November  2022) 56,000 EUR. And that’s without considering a variety of costs like transport, connections, and different administrative procedures. Thanks to your generosity we shall be able to develop this project further.

Currently, several modules are installed in Brussels, and we hope to continue developing this beautiful project.


Visit the modules in 3D

Would you like to discover our installation? Or enter a module?

It's possible thanks to the 3D visit!


They support the project :

  • Foundation Moulaert Laloux of the King Baudouin Foundation
  • Foundation Hospitalières du Sacré-Coeur of the King Baudouin Foundation
  • Foundation Lokumo
  • Foundation Noria
  • Besix 
  • Rotary club Bruxelles vésale 
  • Rotary club Bruxelles Forêt de Soignes 
  • Atenor
  • Les Coquelicots 

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