Who are homeless people ? 

Brussels numbers over 7,000 homeless and poorly housed people which means those in precarious or emergency accommodation. Over 800 out of them are effectively sleeping on the street.

In Liège, the number of people sleeping on the streets is estimated to be around 500.

Amongst these people, the most vulnerable group is made up of men and women who are in very poor health, have combined physical and mental health problems and have lived on the street for several years. Generally, they are totally cut off from medical and social services. This is the specific group of people that we, at Street nurses, aim to help.

We call them our patients.

Getting off the street 

We meet them by going out onto the street and actively seeking them out.

In Brussels and in Liège, we provide these people with long-term medical and social follow-up. Our ultimate aim is to help them off the streets and back into sustainable, worthy and appropriate housing, such as an individual apartment or a care home.

We help homeless people take control of their life 

We establish a relationship of trust with our patients, which starts with us paying great attention to their personal health and hygiene. We work to bring out their own inner resources and positive characteristics.

By doing this, we can gradually motivate them to take back control of their lives and seek out new accommodation with our support. At the same time, we continue to build up their medical and social network, people they can turn to for help and support. We work closely with a vast network of organisations and institutions of all sorts, meaning that care can be delivered in the smoothest possible way.

Our work on the streets

Support our teams on the ground; they need you!


Every day, several teams of nurses and social workers criss-cross the streets of Brussels and Liège, seeking out the most vulnerable homeless people.

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The main tool of our teams on the streets: their backpack

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