Housing first

That is why our priority is to rehouse our patients in housing that is adapted to their needs and possibilities. To find them, our "Housing-hunters" unit works with all kinds of partners such as rest and care homes, social estate agencies, public utility real estate companies (social housing), etc. We also are an important partner of the Housing First project in Brussels and work closely with it in Liège as well.

By increasing the number of initiatives, we increase the housing possibilities for our patients and make adapted home assistance possible.


Our work in housing

Drawing of social worker visiting a patient in his home

Support in housing

After all, we continue to support all our patients once they are housed. To this end, we have multidisciplinary teams (nurses, social workers, educators, etc.) who systematically visit and accompany patients at home. At the same time, we ensure that we set up a solid medical and social network around them. Our accompaniment lasts at least ten years, until we are sure that our patients are autonomous and can keep their housing.

Successful reintegration is only possible if the person in question also remains involved in the process. This is essential for building self-esteem and self-confidence. That is why we motivate our patients to furnish their home in a pleasant way and to get in touch with the neighbourhood and look for an occupational activity. Our "volunteer visitors" also play a role in this. They help to break the loneliness, which is extremely important in order to avoid a relapse into the street.

Discover Luc's story

Luc has lived on the streets for 7 years. Together, we managed to get him out and to find him a home, in which he stayed for 5 years, before he unfortunately died in the summer of 2020. Discover his moving testimony.


Because everyone deserves a home...

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