In 2021 there are still 5,000 homeless people in Brussels. In Liège more than 500 people are roaming the streets every day.

  • 66% of these men and women have mental health problems.
  • 75% suffer from chronical physical ailments.
  • 85% admit being addicted.
© Pierre Lecrenier

Behind these statistics lurks a general societal problem which requires urgent action. Politicians, citizens and organizations must work together to defeat this plague.

Contrary to what’s often thought, nobody chooses voluntarily for a life on the street. Getting out of it requires a fight against many obstacles.

Because every human being has a right to a dignified existence and a roof over their head, Street Nurses want to believe that it is possible to root out homelessness.

During the 15 years of our existence we helped some 170 people getting a new home. Much remains to be done. High-quality global assistance can make all the difference.

Support our actions and so help us realize this change.

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