For a few months now, a new team has been working in the streets of Liege: Céline, a nurse, and Doriane, a social worker, have joined Gaïd, project manager.

Audrey, coach and head of the housing division in Brussels, comes to help them every week.

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The objective is to get as many people, in extremely precarious situations, as possible off the streets.

In this period of crisis, Street Nurses has focused on the medical side, prevention, screening and hygiene.

This year, we are aiming at the intensive accompaniment of 8 homeless people in order to improve their physical and mental health and to put them in a sustainable shelter.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who support us!

Thank you all for the support so far and in the future!

Together, let's end homelessness.

We are still looking for :

  • A nurse
to complete the team!
Feel free to apply here