Recently, three patients we follow in their homes, were hospitalized.

They each lived alone, and all faced physical, mental and addiction problems. They were strongly opposed to our advice to live in supervised housing, which would have been much more appropriate.

We had no choice but to let them try their preferred option, despite the worry and stress these situations created for us, field workers.

It was finally their hospitalization, following a big health concern, that acted as a trigger. Indeed, after falling "very low", they experienced a kind of rebirth. This episode allowed them to rebound better, as is often the case when people in such situations are well supported.

When they left hospital, solutions were found, and many things were unblocked at once. For example, Mrs. S.'s 'forced' withdrawal opened her eyes and all by herself she decided to abjure alcohol. And she also found the mental strength to stop the intimidations of a neighbour.

As to Mr. J., he needed to be supported and listened to, and hospitalization did him good. After his release from hospital, he joined a nursing home and has regained a healthy lifestyle; he even perfumes himself and also stopped alcohol.

Mr. D also stopped drinking and returned to his home. Now he is much better because he also became a teetotaler.

Is it not said that who gets up again is stronger than who never fell?

Your donation, their new chance