What touches and enriches me most as a social worker are moments of quiet togetherness.

Of course, we must achieve our objectives, respect appointments, etc., but I prefer those moments when “nothing” happens between me and the patient.

© P-Y Jortay

Because when we forget obligations, results, etc., we are beyond time. We’re merely present and share something with that person, be it only silence…

Much more is being achieved when we don’t have expectations and are just present, than when we’re under obligations. Even if the latter are essential for making progress, for looking after ourselves and finding a home.

But even then, we’re foremost investing in the creation of a bond – that’s the essence of our work.

I’m thinking of a man, unfortunately no longer with us today, who was very difficult to contact.

He found others sometimes far too obtrusive. Which did not stop us sometimes from having a good laugh together -oh, his squeaky laughter! – and sing, etc.

I was his contact person, and we were sitting in a very dark garage, without saying a word.

Suddenly he kept me less at a distance – and our bond came out stronger. 

That’s the strongest motivation in my work: creating a bond in an invisible, intangible, immeasurable moment.

For me, nothing is more important.

- Iannis, social worker

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