The Streetnurses action - Liège

For Streetnurses, there can be no remission without housing. We don't act in an emergency, but for sustainable reintegration, thanks to a global psycho-socio-medical follow-up and support in housing.

Our action is complementary to that of other field associations active with the homeless population in Liège.“We take care of the needs of the most vulnerable people, who cumulate problems of mental and/or physical health, hygiene and addiction, by connecting them to the existing medical and social system. Then we bring them back into housing.” explains Emmanuelle, co-coordinator of the Liege Streetnurses branch


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The non-profit organisation Streetnurses has been active in Liège since 2019. Its multidisciplinary team is currently made up of 10 people: 3 nurses, 3 social assistants, 1 educator, 1 housing manager and 2 coordinators.

To stay afloat, we need you!

In Liège, in 2020, there were nearly 500 homeless people... That's the same number of people who have the right to a roof over their heads. Between 2019 and 2023, we will have rehoused nearly 20 people, but this figure is still insufficient when you see the number of people still sleeping on the street!

Act now to end homelessness in Liège: ensure the sustainability of our work by providing essential financial support to our team as well as maintaining our ability to provide vital support to our patients.

You don't want want any more homelessness in Liège?

Why support Streetnurses?

Gaïd, co-coordinator of Streetnurses - Liège, explains: “If we want to stem the homelessness phenomenon in Liège, we must redouble our efforts. We receive a few donations and punctual subventions, but unfortunately this is not enough to finance our work, although essential, for people sleeping in the street.”

Your donation, no matter how much, will have an impact. It will allow us to secure the financing of the activities of Streetnurses - Liège for the year 2023 and to continue, in 2024, to accompany and rehouse homeless people in the Ardent City!