To wash yourself, changing your clothes, going to the toilet, finding water and food; these basic needs are unattainable for almost a third of the homeless people.

This came out of the ‘Face à face pour un logement’ (Face to face for housing) initiative, which ran from the 28th  until September the 30th 2020 across the Brussels Region, in the framework of the ‘400Toits’ (400 Rooves) campaign.

Joined by hundreds of volunteers, we approached homeless people with detailed surveys to identify their medical and social needs with the goal of putting forward, eventually, housing solutions.

The main goal of this initiative is to define tailored responses to the specific needs of homeless people.

Other figures are also very striking:

  • 31.5% of respondents are extremely vulnerable (according to a standard scale)
  • 54.8% have not had access to any shelter since the beginning of the Covid crisis (mid-March 2020)
  • 28.6% have a chronic health problem involving one or more vital organs
  • 44% had been attacked or beaten up on the streets

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