Street Nurses makes its photo exhibition “Dream of a roof, wake up home” available. This new awareness-raising tool shows, in three languages, our work of caring for the most vulnerable homeless people, and how they endure their fate.

Would you like to borrow the exhibition for an event? That’s possible: for free!

Street Nurses’ impact in the fight against homelessness

The NGO Street Nurses’ objective is to contribute to ending homelessness in Belgium and elsewhere. From the start of our activities, we have been able to make more than 170 people leave street life behind. The process is long and complicated as we are dealing with extremely vulnerable people with a cumulation of social and health problems.

The exhibition “Dream of a roof, wake up home” shows the path of our patients from street to home and beyond, and lets you meet some of them.

Homelessness/ tent in the city

Who are the homeless people?

Homelessness is a social problem, and its visible part is only the tip of the iceberg. According to the latest census, more than 15,000 people in Belgium are homeless or badly housed. In Brussel, they were, in 2020, more than 5,000, 750 of whom actually slept on the street.

Behind those figures are just as many human beings with their history, rights, dreams, and dignity. We want to give them back their humanity.

The reintegration path from street to housing

The first part of the exhibition presents the work of Street Nurses with homeless people and shows the reintegration methodology.

To that end, we selected reportage photos by Pierre-Yves Jortay & Peter Zangl, two photographers who documented the work of our field teams for several years, but also pictures by Emilie Marchandise.

And then? Focus on the people who are fully established in their homes

The second part is the result of active cooperation with photographer Nicolas Landemard and the people who are fully established in their homes, and who are followed by the My Way section (post-follow-up) of Street Nurses.

These people left the street behind and decided to allow a moment of their lives being captured on camera and thus become actors in the fight against homelessness.

The pictures, in artistic format, tell part of their history.

Borrow the exhibition “Dream of a roof, wake up home”

The exhibition can be borrowed for free against a deposit of €250.

Technical details:

  • 17 roll-ups of 85x205 cm
  • Languages: French, English, Dutch
  • Pictures and texts
  • In colour
  • No suspending systems necessary

Borrow the exhibition