The Gazette is a publication coordinated by the Affiliation team that is currently hosted by Street Nurses and which organises joint activities to 5 Housing First projects in Brussels to promote the social re-affiliation of tenants. We are pleased to give you a small glimpse of it in this article! 

Social bonding despite lockdown

In 2020, the lockdown had brought to a halt most of the activities of the Affiliation project which aims to help tenants from Brussels Housing First programmes address issues related to loneliness and well-being through an approach based on complementarity, the re-creation of social links and opportunities for development. 

Some tenants had already taken part in the writing workshop, others have a certain talent for drawing and plastic arts. Others were keen to express themselves and to share thoughts. Their work and thoughts appeared in the Gazette, some numbers of which were published on the Smes website

The Gazette is back! 

“The last Gazette was announced with a note full of hope for future issues, more than a year ago. Recently, we were thinking about it as someone had mentioned it as a beautiful memory, a moment of connection created in times of pandemic, isolation and loneliness,” explains Hélène Vanderhulst, a social worker within the Affiliation project. 

“And then, everyday impulses slowly formed a surprise return. A Winter Gazette appeared, no. 8 on the theme of moulting, change and gratitude.” 

Have a good read! 

Read the Gazette no. 8 (Dec. 2022)