This year Street Nurses participates in the Housing Action Day movement, and our team will be present at the demonstrations on 26 March 2023, both in Brussels and Ghent. Because without durable and affordable homes there will never come an end to homelessness. Things must change. Are you in?

Homes for people, not for profit

A decent home is a necessary foundation for a stable life. But today, the Belgian population finds it ever more difficult to find a home and one with the certainty of being able to stay there.

Exaggerated rents and outrageous rental charges, insalubrious homes, owners’ illegal and discriminatory practices, inaccessible justices of the peace, sometimes incomprehensible administrative procedures… These are all factors obstructing access to decent, durable, and affordable homes in Belgium.

Access to housing is essential in the fight against homelessness

For more than ten years Street Nurses has cooperated with the Housing First movement, which makes housing available to homeless people without preconditions.

As soon as a person has moved in, other concerns can be treated, also thanks to personalized psycho-social accompaniment, such as addiction, debts or mental and/or physical problems.

Success of this approach depends on access to affordable homes which are in lamentable short supply in Brussels. Political leaders must tackle this problem with specific measures!

Logo Housing Action Day 2023

The demands of the Housing Action Day 2023 movement

The Housing Action Day movement consists of organisations and citizens who are convinced they can contribute to change. Together they demand:

  • An immediate reduction of rents
  • The termination of expulsions and the regularisation of all concerned
  • More social homes and alternatives to the private market

Join us for the #HAD2023

Together we can end homelessness. The Street Nurses team invites you to participate in the events organised by the Housing Action Day movement to demand more available housing.