Is your legacy a matter of concern to you? Choosing to make a bequest to Street Nurses means extending, renewing or giving a new form to your commitment to ending homelessness. In any case, we are at your disposal to answer your questions, in complete confidentiality and without obligation. 

Leaving a legacy means giving a new start to an end

Street Nurses is supported by people who share its vision of a world without homelessness. This takes the form of voluntary work, but also one-off donations, recurring donations and bequests. 

These are all great ways to be at our side. Bequests, in particular, are a final gesture to ensure that we leave a better world behind to our loved ones. 

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An extra fund for the fight against homelessness

By including Street Nurses in your will, you can give particularly vulnerable people the chance to take control of their lives. And so your commitment lives on in a very concrete way.

For instance, last year, Street Nurses received a significant bequest, enabling us to set up a new fund with which we can scale up and professionalise our modular housing and other projects that create more housing opportunities for people in precarious situations. 

Ensure yourself a peaceful end

Of course, we wish you a long and happy life. 

But for our patients, life sometimes seems to have ended long before they die. 

Is it not a serene thought that your legacy can be the promise of a new life for people living in the streets? 

Make a bequest to Street Nurses 

Are you concerned about the end of your life? Are you thinking of making a will? Would you like to make an impact on our society with your legacy? Take a look our FAQ or contact us by e-mail at for a no-obligation discussion on this subject.

Would you like to make a bequest to Street Nurses?