Our project “May Way” is one year old!

Do you remember?

Many of you participated in our crowdfunding. And thanks to you we have been able to collect 15,000 Euros to launch the project!

My Way” started in February 2021 and develops very well!

My Way

Reminder: this new aspect of our work aimed at stabilizing people in their homes and in doing so support their long-term fulfillment.

The multidisciplinary team consisted originally of an educator, a social worker, and a nurse. In the meantime, we already enlarged it to 6 workers, to respond to the numerous needs and to ensure a degree of creativity in the follow-up of people.

My Way” differs from our other teams (street and lodging). We don’t call assisted people “patients” anymore. The idea is to break out of the classical support relationship and leave the psycho-medical-social follow-up behind. Now it’s the person who decides what s/he wishes to achieve. That can take many forms: family reunion, start an artistic activity, pick up sports again, gardening, etc.

My Way” wants to accompany the individual projects of each person, at their own rhythm – with the aim to regain the sense of a meaningful and useful existence but also to further their autonomy, case by case, according to their needs, available resources, and any problems. This requires that we reposition ourselves and create new networks which people can rely on. Ultimately, the goal is to make sure that one day s/he no longer needs Street Nurses’ support.

At the moment, 50 people enjoy the assistance of the “My Way” team.

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