Like many people, you may think that running the 20 km of Brussels is not for you. You might even go so far as to say that you are "too old for this"... What if we told you that a 69 year old man has already taken up the challenge by wearing the colours of Street Nurses?

There is no age limit to ending homelessness

Exercise is good for your health and this applies to all ages. At the last event, our youngest runner was 12 years old and the oldest 69!

It is important to know that thanks to this event and your participation, we collect donations that allow us to help people in need, and get homeless people off the streets.

Wake up the runner in you

Age is no excuse, because anyone who is motivated can participate. But maybe you find it hard to get moving? We do know that 20km is no small task, you need to have good faith and motivation.

Let the courage of the homeless people motivate you to wake up the runner (or walker) in you. Your effort to walk or run 20 km is nothing compared to years of survival on the streets.

By joining us, you also benefit from the advantages of running. Because by running you improve your health and fitness. It prevents and controls certain diseases and more.

Join the Street Nurses team for the 20 km!

So sign up now for the Brussels 20 km walk/run with Infirmiers de rue, and receive our motivational e-book "Running with Infirmiers de rue" with more tips and tricks for your training and help homeless people get off the streets faster!

For a participation fee of € 45, we will take care of your official registration with the organisation of the 20 km of Brussels and the administrative and financial handling. A quality sports shirt with the logo of Infirmiers de rue and possible sponsors. And much more!

Hurry up: registration closes on 30 April 2023.

Participate in the 2023 Brussels 20km with Street Nurses