The phase of post-follow-up provided at home, known as "My Way", is the phase where we aim to improve the quality of life of people who have been stabilized in a home, and eventually to get them out of the follow-up by street nurses.

We achieve this by developing projects chosen by the person, while working for his or her well-being and anchoring in the place where he or she lives. To this end, their empowerment becomes essential (defined and different on a case-by-case basis) so that they no longer need our support and can finally leave our follow-up.

In this way, the person who was previously our patient becomes a full-fledged citizen (without the psycho-medico-social follow-up associated with a former life on the street).

The process of leaving the street, which requires the will to get off the street, takes a lot of time and is very laborious.


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