A good hygiene allows the human being to maintain good health. It also allows us to gain self-confidence and to feel in harmony with the society that surrounds us. We have, indeed, more facilities to approach others if we feel clean and presentable. Our body speaks. Moreover, non-verbal communication represents 55% of our communication.

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Poor hygiene is a signal that helps us detect other problems. It is important to understand the reasons.

Hygiene has become, for us, a tool, a lever to move forward with the homeless person. We aim for health and wellness in a long-term perspective. To this end, hygiene is an element that the person can easily appropriate and take charge of himself. This allows the person to become an actor in his or her life.

To do this, we have established a methodology.

We recreate the habit and motivation to take care of their hygiene, beyond just accessing the amenities. At the beginning, thanks to the wipe we offer, the person washes their hands. The next time they clean their nails as well. Then comes the face refreshment, then the neck, etc. Until they take a shower of her own free will.

These are goals that are easily achievable and quantifiable. Once the person has regained self-confidence (because his or her view of himself or herself and others has changed), things start to click, giving rise to the possibility of dreaming about other projects.

Good hygiene helps remind these people of who they are and what they are worth.

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