This autumn, Street Nurses launched a campaign to raise, by the end of 2023, €50,000 for its work against homelessness in Liège. This sum will enable us to maintain our capacity to support our homeless and rehoused patients.

You can make a difference: here are three concrete reasons to make a donation.

1. You help fund 200 outreach and medical-social support rounds

Every day, the Liège Street Nurses team scours the streets of the city, looking for the most vulnerable homeless people. Thanks to these patrols, we are able to identify the people who need our support and follow-up.

When a homeless person enters follow-up, the team mobilises to put in place the levers needed to return to housing. This can include improving hygiene, taking care of mental and physical health, and getting the administrative house in order. Your financial support will help maintain these crucial actions on the ground.


2. You help to get homeless people off the streets

Street Nurses works alongside other associations in Liège that help homeless people find a stable place in society.

Between March 2019 and December 2023, the Street Nurses team in Liège will have successfully rehoused almost 20 people. Our long-term work is therefore bearing fruit. Your support will enable us to continue these efforts and help more homeless people to rebuild their lives.

3. You are ensuring the long-term future of our work in Liège

In Liège, more than 500 people are inadequately housed, of whom more than 200 actually sleep rough. We want to see these figures reduced to zero.

Our activities are partly funded by public subsidies, but these resources are not enough to fully meet the growing needs. To balance the 2023 budget, we are therefore counting on public support.

Your donation can make a real difference and enable us to continue fighting homelessness in Liège.

For Liège, act now!

Every donation of €40 or more entitles the donor to a tax certificate and 45% tax exemption. A donation of €40 costs you just €22.