It is 2023, and people are still sleeping on the streets in unworthy conditions. They are more than 800 in Brussels, and more than 200 in Liège. To ensure their reintegration into society, they need access to sustainable, affordable and quality housing.

Do you want things to change too? Join us in building a world without homelessness!

Our mission: ending homelessness

The non-profit organisation Street Nurses is committed to helping the most vulnerable homeless people, who have been living on the streets for several years, with many physical and mental health problems.

Our goal is clear: to give them a home and help them rebuild their lives. It is a long-term job, but it is essential. Leaving these people on the street is inhumane and costs the collective more than reintegrating them permanently.

With your support, we can make a difference.

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Why is housing crucial?

Homelessness is not inevitable. Every person deserves a roof over his head and remission is possible only in dignified conditions. A home is the first step towards a new life, full of possibilities.

That is why we are focusing our reintegration efforts on returning to stable, affordable and quality housing.

How can you help?

Homelessness is not inevitable when we act together: join us in building a future where no one has to live on the streets.

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Your contribution will help lay the first brick for building a better future for these vulnerable people. Every euro counts and brings someone closer to the security and stability of a home.


*DECLARATION FOR TAXES If the total amount of your donations is in excess of €40 per year, you will receive a tax declaration, which will allow you to deduct this amount from your taxes. In this way, a donation of €40 only costs you €22 (reduction of 45%).


Build a better future



The National Lottery is much more than just playing
Many Belgians occasionally play the National Lottery games for a small amount. Thanks to all these players, the National Lottery can support countless organizations and projects in the fields of sport, scientific research, culture and social solidarity, such as, for example, the non-profit organization Street Nurses. We work together for a warmer and more cohesive society. #morethanplay