As the year 2022 is coming to an end, the precariousness among the population becomes ever more pressing. That’s why Street Nurses calls upon your generosity to support our activities in favour of the most vulnerable homeless people.

illustration - homeless person sleeping on a public bank

Times are difficult… also for homeless people

Everybody is more or less affected by successive and persistent crises. Nobody is spared, whether financially or in relation to available care.

For already vulnerable people the situation is even more difficult. Not to mention people who must live, or rather survive, on the street.

The crises also affect organisations: their supporters are compelled to reduce their gifts in 2023, or even stop them, while material and staff costs keep rising.

Help them, help us

Do you want to help us ending homelessness – a problem that is getting worse during successive crises? Could you afford it financially? If so, we call on your generosity as 2022 is running out.

Receive a beneficial fiscal certificate for 2023

Did you know that yearly gifts of €40 and more entitle you to a fiscal certificate and a tax exemption of 45%? Thus, a gift of €100 will ultimately cost you no more than €55!

If you support us before 31 December:

  • you help us during crucial times
  • you’re entitled to a tax reduction in 2023
  • you’ll have the satisfaction of supporting an important cause
Illustration - A homeless man and a Street Nurse

Make a gift, in full confidence

Street Nurses give you the guarantee that your gift is well spent on helping homeless people.

You can control this yourself:

  • our audited and detailed accounts are published on Donorinfo. The Foundation informs the public, impartially and transparently, about the activities and financial means of Belgian philanthropic organisations which support people in need.
  • We’re also a member of the Association for Ethical Fundraising (AERF), which guarantees that fund raising is morally correct and that accounts are transparent.

Support us before 31 December and benefit from a tax reduction in 2023!