Mister M. is someone with a lot of qualities – but far too often ignored or underestimated by the people around him. Just dig a bit deeper and you’ll find a smart and determined Mister M.

He continues to make progress, he’s got used to living somewhere, to pay his bills and to deal with awkward consequences from less than reasonable decisions that still pursue him after having found stable lodgings – even if he’s now administratively clean. Unfortunately, after having paid his dues, he’s got little left for a balanced meal, for clothes and for looking after himself.

The latter problem is now becoming acute: what can he do to smarten up a bit?

He’s not much inclined to do so because his body hurts after living on the street all those years. And, worried about his appearance and his clothes, which he cannot get clean anymore, going out doesn’t appeal either.

He’s completely blocked on that point. Because of his overlong hair and his threadbare clothes, he doesn’t dare to show himself anymore. That’s now priority number one. As from today we’ll take all the time that’s needed to look for solutions – together!

No money for the hairdresser? So what? We’ll surely find something among his many contacts. Which organizations does he know? Let’s have a look at his address book.

It takes no time to make a call. We find a place he knows well, where you can take a shower, where the management is welcoming – and which has all that a hairdresser needs for a “pruning exercise”.

Which doesn’t mean that the expedition is an easy one! Every little step takes time. Mr. M turns around in circles because he cannot set priorities. No problem! By respecting his rhythm, bonding with him, and confronting him with his problems, he begins to see through them, learn from them and question his own attitudes. 

Instead of running into refusal, failure and frustration, the adventure ends well because we accepted his rhythm and set priorities together – and because he was well received and treated where he came for a shower.

But even more important than a shower, a proper haircut and the gift of new trousers is his regained self-confidence.

Bathed, perfumed, clean-shaven, slicked hair, lo and behold: a new man!


Without you, there is no us.

(*) We make every effort to respect the privacy of our patients and our professional secrecy. Nevertheless, we want to bear witness to how they have to survive and how we work together to reintegrate them. Therefore, the names of places and people are deliberately omitted or changed and real-life situations are placed in another context.