Just a year ago, I took a long leave after 5 years with Street Nurses, in order to take distance, question one's professional commitment and avoid a burnout.

Barely three weeks later, Belgium is confined for an indefinite period!

Hygiène et soins en rue

I then decide to come back to work.

My mission with my colleagues and the patients I see on a daily basis makes my life even more meaningful in this time of health crisis.

I want to get up in the morning, first of all to continue my commitment to the fight against homelessness. Indeed, this health crisis brings out more injustices that outrage me and put me into action!

But also because, in this crushing solitude of confinement, I have the chance to meet patients and colleagues. During this health crisis, we have, in fact, continued to support people on the street and in housing.

This year, we acted more on prevention, we helped people to meet their primary needs, we reassured them in the face of an anxiety-provoking atmosphere, but we also and simply continued our daily work.

But, against all odds, it was the patients themselves that kept me positive, engaged and reassured.

Today, the Street Nurse team aspires to a return to 100% face-to-face care.

More than ever we want to shut down our computers, stop video conferencing and regain the precious energy and dynamics of this team.

We are patient, we are waiting ... but our mobilization remains intact.

- Audrey, social worker.