Purpose of the training: Hygiene and/or precariousness

The aim is to enable you to allay their apprehensions, but also to offer you the keys to tackle subjects that are sometimes taboo with the people you meet, whether on the street or in housing.

During these training sessions, we try, through role-playing in particular, to respond to your concrete needs, confronted directly or indirectly with the theme of hygiene and/or precariousness, whether in the social, medical or other environment.

Duration of the training, at your choice:
  • 1/2 day

  • one day

  • two days

Cost of training:
  • 55 euros/person for a 1/2-day training course

  • 110 euros/person for a one-day training course

  • 220 euros/person for the 2-day training course



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Quelques commentaires et déclics de participants :


"I am happy to have followed this training, which has helped me to take stock of my lack of self-confidence and also to think about what to say about hygiene".

"Very nice training, very interactive, in a caring and positive environment. Very nice and interesting tools to objectify the information."

"Super nice training with a balance between theory and practice. For me, it was the training that taught me the most and the most enjoyable to follow."

"The theoretical approach is used in a very playful and understandable way."

"Another look at hygiene..."

"A good practical tool and also ways to be able to talk about hygiene and precariousness without judging and yet find solutions."

"Ways to better identify risk situations, as well as tools and strategies to accompany the person."

"Concrete tools, rich exchanges, answers."

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By telephone: 02 265.33.00
By mail: formations@idr-sv.org