The year 2021 marked Street Nurses’ 15th anniversary. It was a year of challenges taken up, of innovative projects carried out in an ever more present pandemic context.

In 2021, our objectives were to: 

  1. Prioritise the quality of our follow-ups over quantity 
  2. Raise awareness among our partners for better patient support 
  3. Develop the Liège branch

To achieve these goals, we worked at the same pace, or even faster, despite the sanitary constraints.


Liège - Infirmiers de rue

We have put 17 people - including 5 in Liège - back into housing. This is a 'normal' number, as the focus was on the quality of the follow-up and recovery of the patients. The level of experience has increased in all our teams, and this is reflected in the results, with good progress, and teams that are more solid in the face of everyday hazards.” 

- Dr Pierre Ryckmans, Co-coordinator & Medical Director

Our teams have continued to provide the best possible support to patients, both in Brussels and in Liège. In Brussels, the “My Way” department was created and focuses on the well-being, health and development of people who have already stabilised in housing. 

We have maintained our efforts to ensure the quality of follow-up and have relied on solidarity within the teams. 

New projects were invested in, such as animal mediation, modular housing, the psychology project and peer support. 

The mobilisation work was formalised with the creation of an advocacy circle within the team. At the same time, awareness-raising and fundraising efforts were continued.  

The work accomplished this year and the numerous advances were made possible thanks to the commitment of the team and volunteers, but also to the collaboration with partners as well as thanks to the support and trust of numerous donors and sympathisers. 

Thank you! 

Our full activity report

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Our summarized activity report

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