Street Nurses NPO is appalled by the practices revealed in a number of media articles today concerning the financial management at Poverello. It is always difficult to believe that such practices exist within the anti-poverty sector, but if what has been revealed in the press is true, it goes against every practice of good governance and transparency that is adhered to and promoted today within organisations that appeal to the generosity of the public.

We therefore hope that our donors and the public at large understand that this, and as far as these facts will be confirmed, is an isolated case from which we strongly dissociate ourselves.
At Street Nurses, we do our utmost to be as careful as possible with our resources and to report on them openly.


In the meantime, Street Nurses, in collaboration with its partner organisations, continues to do everything in its power to help and accompany the homeless people of Brussels and Liège as much as possible, in order to get them off the streets and into stable housing as quickly as possible. Over the past ten years, we have been able to rehouse around 170 people in a sustainable way. Each year we accompany between thirty and fifty of the most vulnerable homeless people to obtain the same goal and we also help about sixty people who have been rehoused to prevent them from returning to the streets.
In addition, we are working on housing projects and trying to raise awareness in society and among policy makers to end homelessness as soon as possible.


At the same time, Street Nurses assures its funders and donors that it is doing everything in its power to run the organisation transparently and as efficiently as possible. The resources of Street Nurses come from both grants (±50%) and donations from individuals and companies (±40%). The remaining 10% comes from donations and calls for projects from foundations and other income such as training courses.
Approximately 80% of the expenditure is on staff costs, the remaining 20% is spent on medical and hygiene materials, equipment for our teams, small expenses for our patients, communication and fundraising initiatives, political lobbying and awareness raising, and the general management and development of the organisation.


The accounts are audited annually by a certified accountant and then deposited with the National Bank (look for the company number 0876.908.803 of Infirmiers de rue ASBL).

Audits are regularly carried out by the funders (mainly INAMI & Cocom) and in the context of the granting of our approval for tax certificates. Infirmiers de rue is also audited by Donorinfo and the Association for Ethics in Fundraising (AERF).


The accounts are audited annually by a certified chartered accountant and audits are regularly carried out by the funders (mainly INAMI & Cocom).

Street Nurses is also audited by Donorinfo and the Association for Ethics in Fundraising (AERF).

We would like to stress that the trust of our donors is essential to enable us to do our work.

The organisation's annual report and accounts can be found here. (under the heading "Expenditure").

For all questions relating to our operations, fundraising and financial management: send an email to