The Follow-up is the second step for our patients towards stable and sustainable reintegration into housing. It consists of intensive accompaniment for the person; it is the core of our work. It starts on the street and continues until the patient is reintegrated into housing, where he or she will still benefit from the support of the professionals and volunteers of Street Nurses, on a regular but spaced basis.

This prevents the patient from relapsing and returning to the street.

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On the street, during the first contact, the care, in addition to its direct effect, helps to gain confidence. We work during the day, which allows for easier orientation and support in accordance with the schedules of the different health centres and institutions.

We consider hygiene and basic health care to be triggers for the longer-term care of patients and their reintegration, in particular because they both contribute to improving their self-esteem.

Our nurses and social workers carry out a wide range of activities in the field: care, motivation, advice, encouragement, accompaniment to the shower, in the medical centre and other necessary appointments. The aim is for the patient to take care of his or her own hygiene and health. Little by little, a medical and social network will develop around him or her, an indispensable support when he or she leaves the street. And thanks to the presence of our doctor, the coordination of medical care between the different services can be possible.

Thanks to the presence of social workers, we have improved the structure of our follow-up through a social file elaborated for each patient. The patient is connected with social associations. This presence is also intended to enable the nurses to focus on the medical part of their street work by having a better understanding of the social issues and difficulties.

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