Street Nurses, also active in Liège for the past two years, has the ambition to set up a reintegration project through housing in the Ardennes city as well. Just like we have been doing for years in Brussels.

In Liège, however, we are confronted with the reluctance of landlords to rent their properties to people who come from the street. Moreover, there is a pressing lack of affordable housing for social assistance recipients.

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The partnership with the Les Tournières cooperative removes these obstacles and facilitates access to quality housing at a lower cost.

A stepping stone house for homeless people

The cooperative completely renovated a house of about 80 square metres in the centre of town to accommodate a single person. After numerous renovations, the work is almost complete.

Street nurses will be able to house one of their patients there from June onwards.

By joining forces in the field of bricks and in the social field, the two structures aim to provide an answer to the painful shortage of housing in the Liège region and to give the most vulnerable people access to housing, which is after all a fundamental right.

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