Brussels / Liège, 4 December 2023 - Infirmiers de rue, a medical-social association that supports homeless people in Brussels and Liège in order to rehouse them on a long-term basis, is launching its winter campaign, entitled "Donation after donation, let's build a future for homeless people."

The campaign runs from the end of November to the end of December, with the aim of raising public awareness of the need to end homelessness through housing, civic solidarity and the collection of donations.

Street Nurses - Street work

Donation after donation,
let's build a future for homeless people

This campaign aims to raise public awareness of homelessness and mobilise a wide range of donors. It draws attention to the crucial role of housing in the fight against homelessness and the need for financial support from the public to continue the organisation's activities.

Koen Van den Broeck, spokesperson for Street Nurses, says: "Every year, our winter campaign is a key moment for raising awareness of the cause of homeless people and raising the funds needed to continue our work. Housing is a key pillar in ending homelessness, and this campaign aims to bring all parts of society together to achieve that goal."

Social housing is crucial

For Street Nurses, there is only one good solution to the problem of homelessness: decent housing! Only there can people feel safe and work on their health and integration into society. This is why Street Nurses insists in its recent memorandum on the introduction of a quota of at least 5% of social housing reserved, within Public Service Housing Companies (SISP), for homeless people, with appropriate psycho-social support provided by housing integration services. Everyone deserves a roof over their head, and remission is only possible in dignified conditions. It's the first step towards a new life, full of possibilities.

"Ending homelessness is not only possible, it is necessary if we want to make a real difference to the health and survival of people who are currently homeless, and if we want to effectively combat poverty and exclusion", says Pierre Ryckmans, medical coordinator at Street Nurses.

That's why the association focuses its reintegration efforts on getting people back into stable, affordable, quality housing.

Support in housing

Street Nurses is committed to supporting its patients well beyond the initial rehousing. Through multidisciplinary teams and a solid medical and social network, the organisation provides in-home support for at least ten years - but longer if necessary - guaranteeing autonomy and stability in housing.

Street nurses - Moving in a homeless patient

Successful reintegration depends on the ongoing involvement of individuals in the process, thereby boosting their self-esteem.

The association encourages the creation of a pleasant home environment, interaction with the community and the search for activities, and relies on "volunteer visitors" to break the solitude and prevent any relapse.

A campaign supported by business and the media

The campaign is fully funded thanks to the support of partners such as KBC Brussels, La Loterie Nationale, Interparking, CHC Group and Prefer. Media space is being made available by the media free of charge or at a greatly reduced price. The campaign will be visible through posters, advertisements, postcards in the hotel and catering trade, radio spots and posts and announcements on social networks.

Contribute to ending homelessness