Wow! Our crowdfunding campaign has come to a successful close, with €42,720 raised. 280 of you have given your financial backing to this project. That's fantastic! Thanks to your support, 3 ex-homeless people will be rehoused in shared accommodation. A huge thank you for your participation!

A vacant house will be renovated

As a reminder, the municipality of Anderlecht has made a vacant single-family house available to us to accommodate people who have left the street. As the house was unfit for habitation in its current state, we had to renovate it. That's when we had the crazy idea of creating shared housing for 3 of our patients!

To make this possible, at the beginning of April 2023 we appealed to you for support. We had two months to make it happen. It was a gamble, and we hoped to convince you of the importance of this project.

A street nurse worker and a patient

Cohousing is an innovative and cost-effective housing solution

Cohousing is an excellent way of combating loneliness, a recurring problem for our patients who have spent years living on the streets.

For us, it's also a way of encouraging our patients to help each other, and empowering them in relation to services like ours.

For our patients, it's an opportunity to open a new chapter and embark on a new adventure, far from the streets.

Your support is priceless

We will now be moving ahead with the renovation as quickly as possible and rehouse the selected patients over the summer.

Thank you for helping to rehouse 3 ex-homeless people.
Thank you for believing in Street Nurses.
And thank you for proving once again that ending homelessness is everyone's business.

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