In partnership with the BICO Federation, Street Nurses is organising two-day training sessions for professionals who are confronted with issues linked to hygiene and precarity in their work.

  • How to deal with hygiene, often considered taboo, while taking care of the relationship with the person?
  • How can we take care of these patients correctly and more easily?

The hygiene approach is one of the powerful levers used by Street Nurses to accompany homeless people from the outset towards regaining control of their mental and physical health and enabling them to project themselves back into life and the future.

Objective and methodology

The training aims to enable participants to overcome apprehensions, but also to offer the keys to tackle these sometimes taboo subjects whether on the street or in housing. 

We pay particular attention to making the training participative and interactive. To do this, we use tools specific to Street Nurses, role-playing exercises, sharing of experiences and the creativity of the trainers. We start from your experience through brainstorming and role-playing. 

We take care to create a benevolent, positive and constructive atmosphere.


  • Thursday 19 May and Thursday 2 June 2022 from 9 am to 4 pm
  • Thursday 22 September and Thursday 6 October 2022 from 9 am to 4 pm


At the premises of Street Nurses
Rue Gheude, 21-25/4, 1070 Anderlecht

Price and registration

200€ (lunch not included)

* Please note that these training sessions are currently organised only in French.


To register, you have to go through the BICO Federation: