My first meeting with you, Mr. G., was such that I simply had to write about it.

There we were, comfortably seated around a table to discuss your wishes, your plans.

But you didn’t seem inspired that day. To help you and make you talk, we resorted to a game: Babbelboost.

As we were asking more questions, ideas started bubbling up. We began by asking how you were, what you’d like to achieve, whom you would like to meet - to make you talk, finally, about your skills, your talents.

According to you, someone with talents was an actor, a comedian. But as our conversation proceeded, you realized that writing an article, listening carefully to people, are also talents - and that you had them.

We then gradually warmed you up to the idea of writing articles for the Gazet of the Council of Tenants at Housing First - and then, together,  we came up with the idea of a book about you, about who you are, about your dreams.

Immediately, you were all for it and suggested titles like “All this misery” or “The story of my life” - and then you realized that you had all the skills needed to write that book.

That was a magical and moving moment, Mr. G. !

You smiled at us - and we smiled back.

  • Gaëlle, Nurse in the My Way team