I'm running and voting to end homelessness!

For the 17th participation of Street Nurses in the 20 KM of Brussels, we are focusing on the particular political context of this year. Indeed, 2024 represents a pivotal moment: a "super-electoral" year that combines the European, legislative and regional elections on Sunday 9 June with the local elections on Sunday 13 October.

Voters are thus invited, twice this year, to exercise their right to vote to elect their representatives. In the run-up to the elections, Street Nurses drafted a memorandum for the Brussels-Capital region, putting forward three key demands relating to social housing, access to mental health services and a coordinated regional policy on homelessness.

On 9 June and 13 October, it will be up to you, the citizens concerned about homelessness and poor housing, to play your part.

At the dawn of a new legislature, Brussels - Belgium - will need your vote to choose the next elected representatives who will work to develop measures to ensure access to rights (housing, health, social, etc.) for homeless people, and for vulnerable groups in general.

To help you, Street Nurses, with the help of other associations in the homelessness sector, has read the Brussels political programmes and gives you an overview of the plans in relation to homelessness.









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